TSE title

TSE is a laboratory specializing in the development and implementation of unusual tests related to materials and structures, as well as design methods and analytical comparisons to experimental results. The majority of work is performed in-house on a 'contract research' basis, usually spanning many months or years, but field work is also performed on structures and in mines located away from the laboratory. QC testing in accordance with standard tests such as ASTM C-1550 and C-1609 is available at highly competitive rates for specimens sent to the laboratory.

The company is owned by Dr. E.S. Bernard who is well known and widely published in the Fibre Reinforced Concrete industry. He has also conducted research in wider areas of structural engineering including thinned-walled structures, structural glass and timber, and steel and concrete structures. Please contact TSE at the following address if you believe the company can be of assistance to you in matters related to materials and structures testing, or QC for concrete.

28 Gordon Street Penrith NSW 2751
T +61-2-47255801, F +61-2-47225772, s.bernard@tse.net.au